[Adways Solution] Increase Adoption & Transaction of Your Mobile Banking
Sep 19, 2016

In Indonesia, mobile banking has grown hand-in-hand with increase in the sales of smartphones which reached 24.8 million in 2014, up 80% from 2013, according to the International Data Corporation and e-commerce growth with more than 30% of mobile Internet users buying physical goods via mobile in 2014 in comparison to 14% in 2013.

Another reason for this growth are the benefits that it presents, as follows:

Anytime, Anywhere Convenience – There are no queues to line up for, no systems to log into, no branches to visit and can be done anytime.

Democratic Technology – Mobile banking can accommodate a wide variety of devices: smartphone users can download specific “apps”, those with internet-enabled phones can log on to the mobile-specific websites of their banks and those with low-end phones can transact through SMS.

One-Stop Financial Management – Mobile banking provides you with the facility to link, view and manage all your accounts – savings, current, term deposits, loans, credit cards – from a single access point. Financial management becomes so much easier.

Zero Cost – Subscription to mobile banking services is generally free although certain services availed through mobile banking may be charged. Of course, you may have to pay charges that may be levied by your telecom service provider.

Macroeconomic Benefits – Mobile banking can help reduce the need for more physical points of presence (branches) and banking costs. This has cost benefits for banks which may be passed down to banking customers.

Adways Indonesia, a leading mobile performance marketing company, has set up a solution to help increasing mobile banking adoption & transaction:

Awareness is the gate to adoption – Our mobile native ads platform (BluebeeNative) helps you to describe your mobile banking services and its benefits to different segments with accurate setting & targeting. Native ads basically the answer for Ad Blindness and Ad Blocking issue.

Accelerate your mobile banking app install and increase its viewability in apps market –  Just like you need to push your search presence, it’s important to make your mobile app appear in top 10 or top 20 within apps market like Google Play and App Store. Our incentive CPI ad platform, AppDriver, can effectively help you on this.

Make sure you get quality install – SeAds, our non-incentive CPI ad platform, helps you to make your mobile app installed by people who actually need it and will use it frequently.

Drive consumers to do transaction – Be smart, Indonesian consumers like discount/bonus/special price. Launch special offer campaign with BluebeeNative because native ads seen by more people and bring more transaction compare to display banner.

Since Adways Indonesia appointed as BBM Ads partner in Indonesia, we combine BluebeeNative, AppDriver, SeAds with BBM Ads to optimise your performance marketing.

Adways Indonesia is proud to introduce the newly upgraded mobile apps performance marketing platform, SeAds. It is a non-incent CPI based mobile ad platform that facilitates app developers to obtain greater number of quality users via banner and video by utilizing our mobile app network. The enhanced technology will also allow campaign optimization that contributes to higher retention rate.

Today, SeAds is becoming one of the most effective platforms to boost app install and app usage. Based on Appsflyer performance index 2016, SeAds has become no. 6 in APAC based on retention quality in games category. To improve our service to you, our company has now become better connected with vast number of direct faaand non-direct mobile apps publishers and ad-networks.


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