Indonesia: Next Potential Stop for Mobile Gaming Market
Sep 19, 2016

An article shared by contends that Indonesia is one of the hidden gem of Asian mobile gaming industry. How could Indonesia become a potential country of the industry?

Indonesian Market Data

With more than 250 million people (the fourth most populous country in the world) and a booming app market, Indonesia is well-said as the biggest number of smartphone users in SEA. Updated by Waiwai Marketing in October 2015, the number of smartphone users in Indonesia are 43,8 million. 41 million of them are using android while the remaining are iOS users. It shows that Android dominates 94% of Indonesia’s smartphone. According to Statista research, this data will continuously go beyond the tipping point in the upcoming years, where the number is predicted to reach up to 92 million users in 2019.

Smartphone Users in Southeast Asia



Smartphone User in Indonesia



As well as those numbers, the future of mobile game is also looks bright. According to a Newzoo report, written by, Indonesia has 30.7 million active mobile gamers in 2015 and half of them are also spenders on mobile games.

Mobile Game Spenders in Indonesia



A recent report by Statista also supports this potential data. As what the report states, the user penetration is at 25,16% and expected to hit 31,21% in 2020, which the average revenue per users (ARPU) currently amounts to $11,59. Even more so, mobile games revenue in Indonesia already accounts for $546,3 million in 2016 and expected to show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR 2016-2020) of 7,73% resulting in a market volume of $735,8 million in 2020.

Mobile game users in Indonesia



Indonesia’s Mobile Game ARPU in 2016



Indonesia’s Mobile Game Revenue in 2016



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