The Power of Youtubers
Dec 14, 2016

People nowadays who has been digitalized as been certainly exposed by the popularity of YouTube, one of the most well-known video-sharing site that allows users to upload, view, rate, share, report, comment and add the video to their favorites section

The typical information method that YouTube can provide has also become the typical “search engine” for their users. YouTube has its special different character compared to television. Some feels that they can get what they don’t from TV because what are shared in TV are likely not natural and sincere. This phenomenon affects on trend changing which bring YouTube as the prominent search of information.

Youtube users number is increasing as well. Below is the data that shows the percentage of Indonesian users’ watch time.




Youtuber phenomenon

Some youtubers who have got their popularity through their youtube account in Indonesia come up as “youtube celebrities”. They are usually common people, but with their creative and expressive idea in creating the content, they get their own audiences or even fans by their video and growing bigger as well as their YouTube channel growth.

Yotubers usually create the specific contents that interest and suit them very well. Then they bring up the information with their own way. So that, some of them whose a strong self-characteristic, successfully gain the popularity and belief from their audience. The audience who might have the same experience with what the youtuber tell in the video, will tend to find the future specific information they want from the same youtuber. It signs that they have given their trust on the youtuber.

Youtube Fan Fest

The popularity of Indonesia’s youtube celibrities comes bigger by the days. It is proven by the biggest YouTube event, named YouTube Fan Fest, that was hold to enable the audience meet their youtuber idol. YouTube FanFest present some most popular Indonesian Youtubers such as Reza Oktovian, Edho Zell, SkinnyIndonesian24 and many more. And what unexpected thing from the event was the crowd got very massive!


Serugila, get influenced by youtuber artist for your game app!

Today, YouTube contents are not only various but also specific. The category is also widening as well. Not only comedy, music video or movie but also all about review, such as movie review, beauty product review, and even game review.

Now, game review has raised its popularity on YouTube as well as audience’s interest on playing game increase. Game youtubers create the review about game play or the technical of game that they interest in, and then spread the influence to their audience. It’s more ordinary for audience or fan to believe what youtuber they trust on shares than seeing what mainstream advertisement tells them.


By this phenomenon, we aim to bring game developers/publishers to feel the experience using the new marketing method by Serugila, our youtubers service as an influencer platform for game app promotion by using the power of youtuber’s influence within creating the game review video.

Is this game worth to play? Will it be fun enough? Is the graphics and the sound are good to support the play? These question oftentimes comes up in our mind when we want to play the game we never play before. Serugila is likely non-incentivized method, which people who are exposed by the game review, will get the whole game information in detail by their youtuber’s opinion. Then, they who will voluntarily install the game are the people who entrust their youtubers and get interest to play the reviewed game without being rewarded.

Rather than the mainstream non-incentivized CPI, this method can give advertisers not only higher install rate but also higher retention and good game rating. Because, they who install the app from the review that creators share are the people who entrust the youtubers and get interest to play the reviewed game. It’s a new trend of game app marketing that game developers have to try.


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