Chief Executive Officer Hirotaka Ogura

Hirotaka Ogura

Joined Adways Japan (HQ) in 2007.
In 2012, Ogura moved to Adways China based in Shanghai and became Adways Indonesia General Manager in July 2012.
Ogura was promoted as Adways Indonesia Director in October 2014.

Country Marketing ManagerAry Hermansyah

Ary Hermansyah

Joined Adways Indonesia in February 2015 as Head of Smartphone Business.
In two months time, quickly became The Country Marketing Manager.
Initiated partnership with multiple agency and Blackberry to grow Adways Indonesia services line-up.

Business Development ManagerEizho Pradipta

Eizho Pradipta

Joined Adways Indonesia in 2011 as Technical Advisor.
Help all business models.
Now, serve for develop, a precious legacy.